11 Potato Recipes from Around the World

Potatoes are vegetables that come in different varieties, colors, textures and forms. But one thing they have in common is that potatoes provide the complex carbohydrates, potassium and energy you need to perform at your best every day.

Potatoes are nutrient dense and more energy-packed than any other popular vegetable. This means that they are more satiating than equal calorie portions of several other common foods  which may help with weight loss. In line with this, consuming potatoes provide numerous health benefits, including improving blood lipid levels, and regulating blood glucose.

Preparation wise, potatoes are so versatile that it is used all around the world in a wide range of flavours, complexities, and pairings that can power your performance.

To get you started, here are my favourite potato recipes from around the world:

Patatas Bravas with Romesco Sauce

#1. Patatas Bravas with Romesco Sauce

This simple side adds a flavourful punch to simple viands like grilled chicken or steamed shrimp. Pump up the heat by replacing smoked sweet paprika with hot paprika or cayenne powder.

Coconut-Braised Chicken & Potatoes

#2. Coconut-Braised Chicken & Potatoes

Coconut milk, chili, cilantro and fish sauce are trademark flavours from Thai cuisine. Not only is this dish so flavourful, it is a complete meal in itself with carbs from potatoes, protein from chicken, and healthy fats from the coconut milk.

Irish Potato Cakes

#3. Irish Potato Cakes

This quick dish made with very simple ingredients are a sure way to bridge your energy when having it for an afternoon snack or post-workout meal.

Chili Lime Potato Tacos

#4. Quick Chile Lime Potato Tacos

This flavourful take on Mexican food is perfect for a low-calorie diet. Plus adding potatoes helps you increase your intake of fiber, potassium and vitamin C without adding fat and cholesterol.

Potato Samosas and Mango Chutney

#5. Potato Samosas and Mango Chutney

Samosas are a personal favourite for me as it is the perfect combination of savoury and sweet, chewy and crispy. These hot pocketful of goodies would be an amazing party treat.

Ensaymada with Mashed Potatoes

#6. Ensaymada with Mashed Potatoes

Now this is a healthy twist on a classic! Ensaymada is usually classified as a sugary dessert low on nutrients but the addition of mashed potatoes makes it a welcome part of a wholesome banquet.


#7. Korokke

These potato croquettes would be well-loved by kids and adults alike. It is a handy on-the-go food that’s packed with complete macros and would best be served with a simple salad.

Potato Skordalia

#8. Potato Skordalia

If you’re a fan of hummus, you can try out this nutty potato dip. Boiled, blended, and seasoned, this potato dip would be great with pita and assorted cruditĂ©s.

Potato Gnocchi & Ricotta

#9. Potato Gnocchi & Ricotta

Potato gnocchi is so flavourful on its own and is best enjoyed with straightforward and fresh ingredients. For a gluten-free meal, you can replace the wheat flour with rice, chickpea, or tapioca flour.

Potatoes Au Gratin

#10. Potatoes Au Gratin

This classic French recipe can replace creamy mashed potatoes if you are looking for a side dish with a more complex texture. Elegantly sliced potatoes baked in cream and butter also tells you that this dish is perfect for your next family dinner.

Three Cheese Potato Rosti

#11. Three Cheese Rosti

This cheesy potato rosti is creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Partner this heavenly side dish with a lighter fare such as roasted or steamed fish with vegetables.

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11 Potato Recipes from Around the World

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