Hi! I’m Coach Julianne!

I help busy people find their healthiest selves with simple, realistic, and sustainable lifestyle changes.

I am a wellness professional with a passion for creating good food and guiding people towards a healthy lifestyle. Living in a country whose culture revolves around lavish fiestas, and varying food scenes, it is a challenge for everyone to keep fit and look good! It is then usual for people to turn to fitness fads and diet trends that don’t work for long term success in wellness. I help people achieve their health goals, and live a full and sustainable life.

What I do:

  • Customize dietary and lifestyle recommendations specific to your goals, preferences, and lifestyle
  • Offer you support, reassurance, and guidance no matter what stage you’re at in your fitness journey
  • Understand that change is hard hence encourage you to take small, realistic steps to reach and maintain your health goals
  • Debunk common nutrition and health myths and explain the science and reasoning behind recommendations

What I don’t do:

  • Believe in a one-size fits all approach. I don’t offer generic meal plans or blanket pieces of health and nutrition advice that don’t uniquely apply to you.
  • Berate you for struggling or “losing motivation”. Change is hard so I coach you through roadblocks and help you shift your mindset towards a long-term lifestyle approach
  • Rush through appointments and act half-interested. If you are committed to the process, I’m just as committed to help you.

I believe that…

  • There is no healthy or unhealthy food; just healthy or unhealthy diets.
  • We are never too busy to strike a change in our lifestyle.
  • Getting fit does not necessarily mean eliminating cravings and savoring treats.
  • It is better to create habits, and to act regardless of motivation
  • An increased level of self-awareness is also a goal in wellness.