Food Service Consulting

Become a leader in your community by providing healthy menu items and attract the growing number of customers looking for delicious, health-conscious meals while dining out.

Taking recipe analysis one step further, an option to consult is offered to foodservice providers to assist in reformulating recipes so the restaurants are proud to publicly display their menu items’ nutrition facts. On the consumer end, customers will experience, first-hand, the fact that nourishing, nutritious food can still have the great taste they have come to expect.

Enhance your food services with…

  • Strategic Nutritional Analysis of Menus
    • Nutrition Facts: calories, calories from fat, total fat, saturated fat, trans-fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrate, fiber, sugar and protein
    • Additional information on vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, such as omega-3 content
    • Feedback on whether your dishes meet various nutrition guidelines, such as the USDA’s My Plate, the American Heart Association or American Diabetes Association recommendations
    • A list of major food allergens contained in a dish
  • Recipe development
    • Healthy recipe development and menu balancing that considers more than just calories, saturated fat and sodium but examines over 20 nutrients to evaluate the overall balance of a dish
    • Enhancing of a dish – maximizing the overall nutritional impact of a dish through thoughtful ingredient selection, careful portioning and strategic combinations of foods that are more nutritious when eaten together than separately.
  • Development of food and nutrition educational materials
    • Healthy menu descriptions that highlight healthy, nutrient dense and sustainable components of dishes
    • Training for staff to help diners identify dishes that may be more appropriate for their special dietary needs

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